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The Forum is dedicated to maximizing the public's understanding of and engagement with the legal system. Join our Forum community, attend our events, contribute your thoughts and ideas online and on our blog, or contact our Director, Thane Rosenbaum, with new ideas and suggestions. And, of course, we encourage you to support the Forum through sponsorship opportunities, grants, and tax-deductible donations.

Discover the benefits of becoming a sponsor of Fordham Law's Forum on Law, Culture & Society. Whether you're a corporation, a law firm, a foundation, or a patron seeking to support the Forum's wide range of unique cultural offerings and open discussions, please contact the Forum's Executive Producer, Helen Herman, at [email protected] or by calling 212.636.6885.

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Fordham Law School's Forum on Law, Culture & Society is made possible through the generous support of HBO; Robert W. Hollweg; Dr. and Mrs. Gary Klein; LF Foundation, Inc.; Think; in loving memory of Marcus Retter, from Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Retter; and John H. Wolff and Nancy Eppler-Wolff. We would also like to thank Time Warner for its founding donation and continued support.